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  I - lightweight, tough, chemically stable.
  I - were removed from the commercial, light industry, construction, chemical industry.
  I - with a strong plasticity, regardless of being pasted, hot, mosaics, vertical mill, broken mill.
  I - with a strong determination, corrosion, moisture, light still smooth surface, crystal clear

  Kerry in the hands of artists I became curve smooth, seamless, simple and natural. If you give me a little color, I colorful scene, dazzling. Regardless of the state of the environment in any case, whatever the shape I'm still me, together ordinary plexiglass. I'm not me, because after fine artist design, material selection, repeated testing, careful process, I became a beautiful arts and crafts, I not only polymerization of methyl methacrylate, as well as artists of hard Kerry sweat!

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